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I want to tell you

One of the more imaginative initiatives of the Municipality of North Grenville has recently come to an end. At the beginning of last year,...
The NG Times Newspaper

Lay your burden down

The municipal Council have had a lot to deal with recently. In the last Committee of the Whole meeting, issues discussed included a new...

Happy Birthday to the North Grenville Times

Last week, The North Grenville Times celebrated its fifth year as a weekly newspaper in North Grenville. At a party surrounded by friends, advertisers,...
The NG Times Newspaper

True lies

“What is Truth?” That question is probably the most repeated biblical quote around these days. The phrase “fake news” has entered into our dictionaries...
The NG Times Newspaper

The Future

Lots happening in North Grenville these days. The announcement of a new hotel coming to Kemptville is an exciting development for all sectors of...
The NG Times Newspaper

A period of transition

The current municipal council is in the third year of its term, and may be beginning to think about the election coming up at...
The NG Times Newspaper

Shiny Things

In a recent interview given by the Mayor of North Grenville in the Kemptville Advance, he chatted about the coming year and the big...
The NG Times Newspaper

Who owns Heritage?

There’s been some hard thinking done recently on the subject of heritage. This week, we have learned about the draft agreement between Ontario and...
The NG Times Newspaper

Think for yourself

Democracy: the worst possible system, except for all the others. What a good definition that is. One of the benefits of the internet has...
The NG Times Newspaper

I can see clearly now

Every four years, as the municipal election gets closer and candidates try to impress on the voters their fresh ideas, new approaches and vision...

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