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Losing touch with reality

Something very strange happened at the Municipal Council meeting on November 27. The meeting opened with a statement, read by Mayor David Gordon, in...

Sometimes we cry

There are two wonderful books parodying traditional history texts. One is “1066 and All That”, and the other is “The Comic History of Ireland”....

Hard habit to break

I’m never far away from my phone, it’s beside me 24 hours a day. I use it for work, pleasure and it allows people...
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My Generation

Last week, as you shopped for groceries before Thanksgiving, or planned a family get-together for the holiday, you may have heard about the Federal...
The NG Times Newspaper

I Can See Clearly Now

One of the great buzz words in recent elections at the municipal level has been “transparency”. Every candidate seems to promise that, should they...

The games people play

By Peter JohnsonDid you hear that 'bang' last Thursday evening? I think it was the door slamming shut on the last day of March....
The NG Times Newspaper

Think for yourself

Democracy: the worst possible system, except for all the others. What a good definition that is. One of the benefits of the internet has...
The NG Times Newspaper

It’s a small world after all

Here I am in Dublin, my home town and a traditional place of refuge when I feel that life in North Grenville is getting...
The NG Times Newspaper

Dazed and confused

This is a very confusing time of the year. On the one hand, we’re all looking forward to Christmas and all that means. On...
The NG Times Newspaper

What a wonderful world

Louis Armstrong sang a lovely song, one that makes people smile and sigh happily, no doubt. These days, I find myself saying the words...

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