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Lay your burden down

The municipal Council have had a lot to deal with recently. In the last Committee of the Whole meeting, issues discussed included a new...
The NG Times Newspaper

I want to tell you

One of the more imaginative initiatives of the Municipality of North Grenville has recently come to an end. At the beginning of last year,...
The NG Times Newspaper

My Generation

Last week, as you shopped for groceries before Thanksgiving, or planned a family get-together for the holiday, you may have heard about the Federal...
The NG Times Newspaper

I can see clearly now

Every four years, as the municipal election gets closer and candidates try to impress on the voters their fresh ideas, new approaches and vision...
The NG Times Newspaper

What’s the hurry?

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, September 18, the Department of Corporate Services (chaired by Deputy Mayor Tobin) released the proposed...
The NG Times Newspaper

Changing of the guards

This may seem a little premature, but we need to start thinking about the next municipal election. It doesn’t actually happen until October 22...
The NG Times Newspaper

Feelin’ groovy

Are we starting to feel a little vulnerable yet? It’s been quite a week, month, season... The Climate Change deniers are having to scramble...
The NG Times Newspaper

Redemption song

The times may be a-changing after all, who knows? The Municipal Council passed a resolution at their last meeting to have the Franco-Ontarian flag...
The NG Times Newspaper

History and hysteria

It is not often that History is as much in the news as it has been for the past few weeks. Sadly, there has...
The NG Times Newspaper

What a wonderful world

Louis Armstrong sang a lovely song, one that makes people smile and sigh happily, no doubt. These days, I find myself saying the words...

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