Sometimes we cry

There are two wonderful books parodying traditional history texts. One is “1066 and All That”, and the other is “The Comic History of Ireland”....

Cheers to local media

Every time that we pick up a local paper that is dedicated to informing their readers of the local issues, local events and local...
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The Future

Lots happening in North Grenville these days. The announcement of a new hotel coming to Kemptville is an exciting development for all sectors of...
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In the year 2525

Things change rapidly in this world of ours. Climate change, elections surprises, and so many other things, make one wonder where we’ll be in...
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Garbage in, Garbage out

Computers are strange things, aren’t they? I mean, we give them such respect and authority, as if they were somehow more reliable and knowledgeable...
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Think for yourself

Democracy: the worst possible system, except for all the others. What a good definition that is. One of the benefits of the internet has...
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A period of transition

The current municipal council is in the third year of its term, and may be beginning to think about the election coming up at...

On oil prices, poverty and the strong Canadian economy

By Heather SansomWhile procrastinating really, just thinking that despite the trendy panic (peer pressure, group think, propaganda dare I say, maybe even social bullying)...
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For what it’s worth

Last week’s coverage of the Kemptville BIA Budget issue seems to have generated some heat, as well as some light. It will be remembered...
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Who speaks for you?

That grand philosopher, Heraclitus (not the one from Burritt’s Rapids, the Greek one), once said that the only constant thing in life is change....

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