Summer reading club at the MerrickvillePublic Library


The summer reading club at the Merrickville Public Library is in full swing.

Librarian Mary-Kate Laphen says there are over 100 children engaged in the summer reading program which encourages children to pick up a book over the summer. For every book they read they are given tickets to enter into draws for prizes like book packages, movies and posters.

Mary-Kate says it’s important to get kids to practice their reading, especially those who are just learning. “It’s surprising what kids can loose over the summer,” she says.

Every Thursday at 2pm Mary-Kate runs programming as part of the summer reading club. This year the activities revolve around celebrating Canada and include building model beaver dams, creating art in the style of Ted Harrison, making a native craft, games, outdoor activities and more. Mary-Kate says all the activities also involve some writing to help the kids exercise that muscle as well. “We don’t want kids forgetting how to spell their name over the summer,” she says.

Even though the summer is half over there is still time to get involved. There are tons of prizes to be won and Mary-Kate says even those who join the program late have the chance of winning.


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