Letter to the Editor – from NG Council

Municipality Matters


We wish to assure readers that the following letter is genuine, not a parody, joke, or satirical. It is only and completely the work of those in the Municipal Centre who composed it, and those who signed it.



  1. On a personal note – during my time of 7 years of public service leadership in NG – I faced regular acts of televised slander from elected members of Council and a few members of the public. The elected officials were not subject to the laws of slander as the Municipal Act has no provisions that defines how they are required to act (Standards for Duty of Care) – and I – as a consequence bore terrible and debilitating bullying for a number of years leading up to my eventual decision to leave a career I truly enjoyed.
    I support Council’s decision to address and correct what they view as slander or demeaning words published against North Grenville public servants and elected officials. It is clearly their role to play.
    I have not read all your articles and publications and cannot offer any comment of insight on this matter.

  2. All I can say is thank you for publishing articles that aren’t mostly fluff pieces, that contain critique of those who are most likely to influence media instead of drivel meant to appease them. If council would put their money where their mouth is, they shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The NG times on the other hand, I worry your brand of honest news (albeit sometimes biased but who cares) will be bartered out of publication by those who wish to silence free speech in favour of brainwashed, sugar coated media.


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