Contestants in the Talent Show salute the audience

Once again, the Annual Talent Show brought out the best in young, local talent. In its 12th year, the show on Sunday morning saw strong competition in each of the categories contested, and the judges, as usual, had a hard time picking the winners. The overall Champion this year was Reid Warren. The winners in the various categories were:

Vocal 15 and up: 1st place Kassandra Black;
Instrumental 15 and up: 1st place – Katrina TeGrotenhuis
Dance 14 and under: 1st place – Kelsey Warren; 2nd place – Amanda Leang; 3rd – Owen Yateman.
Instrumental 14 under under: 1st place – Reid Warren; 2nd Place – Noah Yateman; 3rd place – Heidi Tegrotenhuis.
Vocal 14 and under: 1st place Kayleigh Styles; 2nd place – Rowan Esford & Evelyn McWilliam; 3rd place – Alessia Zaccaro.

Congratulations to all the winners and all the other contestants. See you back again next year for the 163rd Spencerville Fair.


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