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Last Sunday’s challenge against the Cornwall Colts, when the Kemptville 73’s were decimated from the Christopher Theodore show with a hat-trick, and 7 to 1 victory.
First frame, both clubs trying to capitalize on each other’s mistakes, closed out scoreless, with Kemptville out-shooting Cornwall 11 to 8.

Second session, as Chris Theodore flew over the line without being touched with a tipsy doodle by the stopper to draw first blood at 4:12 to put Cornwall on the board. Then, at 5:19, Justin McRae, with helper from Mammas, gave the Colts 2-goal lead. With man advantage, the 73’s coughed it up to Mulhearn to find Ethan Mulhearn to bury it for SHG at 10:37 to open the flood gates. Chris Theodore blew by defence to rifle it into the mesh at 17:21 after helper from Mulhearn, to give him his second tally. At 17:43, with defensive meltdown from 73’s, Samson combined with Poirier to find Cameron Hebert open to record five unanswered markers. Colt’s Liam Lascelle’s SO attempt spoiled by Neal Samanski, with helpers from Giguere with Williams at 17:55, to end the onslaught. Kemptville SOG 19 to Cornwall 14, but with 5-1 lead.

Final twenty, with 73’s deflated, the Colts would face Nick Bond, as Peter Brooks took advantage of a early shower privilege. Colt’s man short, as Chris Theodore ran over his assignment to post his hat-trick with SHG at 4:56. Then, yet another breakdown in PP of 73’s, gave David Poirier, assisted by Mulhearn and Hebert at 9:33, for SHG to give the Colts 7 to 1 advantage.

Each squad trying to force an error so they could capitalize as the clock ran down. I would think the next few practices are going to be vicious and strenuous.

With two back to back road games the 73’s resilience would be tested.
Thursday night in Kanata, the opening period was an end-to-end affair without a score and Kemptville out-gunning Kanata 19 to 6.

Second stanza, the sin-bin was on a revolving door and Kanata Lazers struck first at 18:45, when the 73’s continued their PP woes, as Alex Johnston, with help from Sleeth, makes first scratch on sheet with SHG. Kanata would out-shoot Kemptville 15 to 10 for 1 goal lead. The last twenty, Kemptville’s Tailon partnered with Noah Rowe on point to beat Hektor to even it up at 0:35. Johnston to Eric Sutherland at 1:37 to break the tie. Sin-bin time for 73’s, as Jack Quinn pick up from Nocita and Manderville at 4:30 for the insurance PPG. Eric Conley, from Rowe with Kirkby, to mount a comeback at 18:13, but not enough time as Kanata Lasers held on to 3 to 2 win. Kemptville SOG 15 to Kanata 12

Friday night into Rockland to meet the Nationals, hungry to turn their season around.
Opening twenty, Rockland beat Nick Bond when Mathieu Blanchette flew over the line without obstruction at 1:45. At 9:19, Shankar back to Hunter, when Ashton Fry launched in the rebound to even the odds. Tyson Kirkby, tagged from Rowe and Shankar, loaded up to slam one past Sean Storr at 17:07 to give 73’s 2-1 lead to end the first. Nationals SOG 9 to 73’s 4. Simon Houle from Brisebois with Power for PPG at 0:38 to start the second and even the score. Then at 18:09 Drew Shields assisted from Houle to have Rockland move ahead by one. Kemptville outshot Rockland 11 to 10.

The final twenty miler, Jordan Power assist from Brisebois and Blanchette with man advantage for PPG at 13:30 insurance goal for Nationals. Kemptville 73’s came on attack at 18:17, when Tailon found line mate Jacob Shankar to put them within one. Kirkby combined with Ashton, over to Noah Rowe, to launch a missile into the mesh at 19:37 to force OT. 73’s and Nationals even SOG at 9.

Five minute OT turned into a defensive battle for both clubs, with only 2 SOG by Rockland without results to initiate a SO. 73’s choice were unable to make it happen, as the Nationals pumped in two to give them the win 5-4.

All the new faces need to adjust to the pace, work ethic, and buy into the system and, when they do, we will have a team for contention. Come on out to their next home to show your support and experience Hockey with EDGE.


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