The Memorial Family Classic
L-R Glenda Annand, Ben Sauve, Paul MacArthur, Kylee Sauve

by Jim Dolan

For the past 28 years, the “Memorial Family Classic” has raised money every year for residents of our community, providing financial support to those who have been diagnosed with a debilitating disease or medical concerns. The Classic is an annual fundraising ball tournament that is held at the South Gower Ball park on the second Saturday in June, and has consistently attracted 20-plus teams. It will be played on June 8 this year.

To help achieve its ambitious annual fundraising goal, the Memorial Family Classic Committee began holding a Non-Curlers Bonspiel at the North Grenville Curling Club a few years back. The event has become so popular, that it took only two days to attract 40 teams to the 2019 event held on February 9 (the 2018 spiel sold out in four days). The organizers noted that most teams have only one “actual” curler on each team.

This year’s event was, once again, a huge success. The 160 participants and guests enjoyed a day of curling, a lunch, a chili supper, and a couple of well deserved “soda pops” between games. After the supper, there were numerous draws for door prizes, a live auction and a few presentations.

Greg Lane won $400 in the 50-50 draw and promptly donated it back to the Memorial Family Classic Fund. A live auction was held which also raised a considerable sum of money. One of the big auction items for this event was a cooler that included several bottles of high-test refreshments, donated by the Classic committee members, a gift certificate to the Brigadoon Restaurant, and four Senators tickets. Dan Corkery won the package with a bid of $700, and graciously donated it back, minus the gift certificate Paul MacArthur then won the cooler for $400. Paul subsequently donated the Senators tickets back. The tickets were then claimed by Nadine Pickard for $350. This item was certainly a gift that kept on giving.

The four lucky members of team “Game of Stones”, Paul MacArthur, Glenda Annand, Ben Sauve and Kylee Sauve, got to hoist the championship trophy at the end of the day, and Mario Quenville won the draw to the button and a $50 gift certificate.

Chad Valcour and the rest of the organizing committee want to thank the far-too-many-to-name sponsors, businesses and individuals, plus the North Grenville Curling Club for their generous cash donations to the Classic Fund. The committee also said a Big THANK YOU to all the curlers. Your participation and generous support continue to make the event a huge success and allows our Fund to give back to our amazing community.

The final tally will not be known for a few days, but the organizers expect the event to raise roughly $7,000 for the Memorial Family Classic Fund. Thanks Chad and the organizing committee. Your dedication to this fundraising event assists members of our community in a most positive and heartfelt way.

Check out its Facebook page @memorialfamilyclassic for updates for upcoming events and its Mission Statement.


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