By Marguerite Boyer

This year’s Knights of Columbus Sweetheart Brunch, held last Sunday at the Municipal Centre, was one of the biggest events to happen in North Grenville this year. All morning, crowds were streaming in, with some finally turning away, since it was backed up right outside the building and the weather wasn’t cooperating. Doors opened at 8:30 and I was there by 9 am. With the long line up, I decided to come back at 11. By then, the line up was even longer! Not to be defeated, I came back at 12:30 and by then the line had disappeared, and yet the place was still full.  It was an amazing event and it just warmed my heart to see so many people attend. This is typical of the generosity of North Grenville and surrounding area. People come out for good causes. $1,500 was handed over to the Beth Donavan Hospice, and to Kemptville Home Support. The Kemptville Hospital Foundation received $1,000 in honour of Harry Pratt, while Ryan’s Well was cut a cheque for $1,000, NGAT another $1,500. The North Grenville Community Council received $1,200 and the local Scouts were given $500.

It’s estimated that between $25,000 and $30,000 was raised in total. Some of it was from ticket sales and from local businesses. Scotiabank is matching every dollar in tickets sales that were sold through their office. So the tally is not in yet. When speaking to a very tired Dermid O’Farrell at the end of the event, he was still all smiles and overwhelmed by our community and its generosity. Much of the money raised on Sunday will go towards the Food Bank and for Christmas Hampers for this year.

But, at the end of the day, a huge thank you must go out to all the volunteers that made this possible.

Take a look at the photograph above and you’ll have an idea of just how many volunteers were involved in making the day happen. Most encouraging is the wide age range represented there; surely a great sign for the future of this communal celebration!

It was a long day, not to mention the days of preparation that were put in even before the event itself. Volunteers are part of North Grenville’s most important asset – its people. I am very proud to call this community home.


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