By Richinda Bates

Did I Make a Difference? I was listening to an Oak Ridge Boys CD when the words of a song caught my attention. “Did I make a difference …someone’s life?”

It made me pause and think. Am I making a difference? How can I make a difference? What skills do I have that could help me to make a difference?

Our daughter had gone on a mission trip with World Hope Canada to Ukraine. She shared with us the state of the economy there, the plight of girls and of young children. This was the land of my ancestors, the land that was the Bread Basket of Europe. How could that be? Now, there are so many needs. Hope House, First Step Centre.

What could I do? I can cook, so last year I offered to cook ethnic Ukrainian foods, as my family has made it, to do a dinner to raise funds for World Hope Canada and their work in Ukraine. This year we are hosting the 2nd Annual “Taste of Ukraine” dinner! More funds for Hope House!

At the end of the day, I am thrilled to know that I am making a difference in the lives of children in need in Ukraine using the gifts God has given me!

The dinner will take place at the New Rideau Restaurant on April 6, 2016. Fellowship hour will take place from 5-6 pm, followed by the dinner at 6 pm. An authentic Ukranian dinner will be served for $35 per person. Tickets are available by calling 613-482-1499, or by visiting the website: www.worldhope.ca.


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