Hot hands takes win.....Friday night the 73's captain Ashton Fry counted two excellent markers as he gets set up by John Beaton for his second of the evening to award a 5 - 2 victory over the Kanata Lasers

by the sportsguy

“Sparky” was in the house S”Sparky” was in the house Sunday afternoon for Fire Prevention Week when the Kemptville 73’s faced down Rockland Nationals that put a major hurt on them as they recorded 4 unanswered goals. Jeff Jordan called time out to access the breakdown of his crew and calm the warriors for their comeback.

Nationals with man advantage Labelle with Matton to William Collins for PPG past Nick Bond at 6:56 to open first frame. Second marker came at 10:49 when Hilton with Vermaeten to Alex Robert on the doorstep. Poor clearing pass in Kemptville zone as Craft knocked it down to Collins over to Simon Labelle into the mesh at 13:29. Then William Collins with helpers from Boyer and Menges chased Nick Bond to the showers early at 15:57 to close out the first. Rockland outshot Kemptville 10 – 1.

Different team came out for the second as the 73’s launched a rebound as Patterson stole the rubber to Ashton Fry through the middle to beat Joseph Giacobba at 14:44. Kemptville Jesse Dick controlled half boards to split the “D” and slam it home to put them within 2 at 15:13 to end the period. Kemptville rebounded with 8 SOG to Rockland 11 SOG.

Jarrett Fiske stood on his head to keep Nationals off the game sheet and Dick back to point as McLean rifled it at the stopper so Jacob Thousand buried the garbage at 13:55. Now with only one goal separation Kemptville had various opportunities to tie, but the clock wasn’t on their side. National posted 11 SOG to Kemptville 7, with a total of 32 – 16 for Rockland.

73’s still need to pick up their transition and capitalize on their special teams and cut down shots against and keep focused.

Friday night’s contest with the Kanata Lasers proved to be a very exciting end to end battle from the opening face off to give the 73’s a needed victory for their hometown fans.

Kanata struck first with Jack Ludwig from Gunnar and Matthews past Jarrett Fiske at 14:01. Kemptville answered back when Dick combined with Pawlikowski to find Nick Domitrovic flying through the neutral zone to deek Jean-Philippe Tourigny at 14:12. Tic-tac-toe from Samson back to Fraser across to Ashton Fry for tie-breaker at 15:30 to shut down the first.

Ashton Fry picked up his second marker when Beaton controlled half boards back to Kiefer on point at 4:56 for insurance to start second session. 73’s defensive error taken advantage by Ludwig with Sleeth allowed Alex Gagnon to bounce on the loose garbage at 11:08 to put Lasers within one at 3 – 2. Kemptville came on strong when Dennison controlled the line across to Kiefer and Jared Patterson stuffed one through the posts at 13:01 to wrap up the second with 4 – 2 lead.

Final frame was exciting, fast and furious with opportunities for both clubs to out finesse the other. Finally Kanata received a infraction call that Kemptville took advantage of as Samson sprung Ryan Pawlikowski over the middle to razzle dazzle the surprised, sprawling stopper at 14:51 for PPG and bring this chapter to a close with a 5 – 2 win.

Kemptville outshot Kanata to a tune of 33 to 29 with Lasers having 4 PP attempts without results and 73’s taking advantage of their 1 PP.

73’s special teams from PK to PP played their hearts out. As a fan brought to attention after the game…”why were 73’s penalized by same individual four times and one offence to Kanata by other person….just food for thought….but this hockey is fast and much more exciting than NHL…he holds season tickets for Sens.

I think we should have more feedback from the fans that come out and support our Kemptville 73’s. One of the contest supporters are Tim and Debbie Girard from Good Night Bed Company in South Gower Business Park who sponsor a draw for a 73″s sweater every Friday home game and this weeks winner was Mr. Al Lockwood.

Ottawa Junior Senators (7-6-0-0) is the next stop for the “Warriors of Winter” on Saturday night with 7:30 start and they were pumped for the challenge, but unfortunately so were their opponents as they received a 5 – 2 spanking that they couldn’t recover from.

Darcy Walsh initiates a single effort as he beats Nick Bond to open the first frame at 4:51 to put Ottawa on the sheet. Man advantage for the 73’s at 8:12 and 16:42 without results need to be recognized for the future.

Second go around both squads had excellent chances, but Ottawa came through at 11:36 when Ethan Manderville with helpers from Marshall and Belanger made it 2 zip to close out the period.

Last twenty Kemptville’s Luke Jefferies assisted by Dennison spoiled the SO for Junior Senator’s Francis Boivert at 4:53. Then at 9:33 Belanger countered to Brady Caruso and dig a deeper hole for the 73’s. With man advantage Adrien Bisson PPG assisted by Alsaif and Cole at 11:11 to increase Ottawa lead. Hilton with Cole found Conor Smart for another counter into the mesh at 12:57 and Jarrett Fiske would replace Nick Bond. Kemptville claimed one more at 14:24 when Domitrovic combined tape to tape and Garrett Meyer pulled his magic to end the third.

Ottawa Junior Senators took a 5 – 2 victory matching Friday night win over Kanata Lasers.

Six PP attempts without results for 73’s as Junior Senators had three with one PPG. Ottawa outshot Kemptville 34 to 24.

Next home game is Wednesday, October17 for a 7:30 pm meeting with Brockville Braves.

Hockey with EDGE…excellent, economical, entertainment… support your 73’s.

See you at the game and please feel free to express some of your thoughts about your concerns and experiences.


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