AMI combines New and Existing Programming in 2018


The Agri-Food Management Institute (AMI) will be delivering a mixture of established programming and new projects under the newly launched Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

The focus will be on business management, productivity enhancement, and local production opportunities for both farm businesses and food processors.

Popular AMI initiatives, including Advanced Farm Management Program, Transition Smart and the Learning Roadshow, will continue under the new Partnership funding framework. A Beginner Farmer Entrant Workshop will also be launched this year to complement a new online resource AMI has just unveiled on its website.

New to AMI’s offering will be resources and tools to address productivity-related issues in farm and food processing businesses. The organization will also be focusing on regional opportunities for value-adding by building connections along the value chain and identifying supply chain gaps in local food production.

AMI promotes new ways of thinking about business management by developing resources, providing information and offering training opportunities for agri-food and agri-based producers and processors. AMI receives funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

Doug Alexander, Chair of AMI, introduced the programs by stating: “AMI is looking forward to continuing its work in agri-food management under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership with both new and existing activities. Our research has shown the positive impact business management can have on a business’s bottom line, and we appreciate the government’s ongoing support of AMI’s activities in this important area.”

His enthusiasm was echoed by AMI’s Executive Director, Ashley Honsberger: “The AMI programs that people know and love will be continuing this year, so we encourage everyone to keep an eye out for more details on meetings and events throughout Ontario in the coming months. And, we’re excited about the opportunity to work on new initiatives that will support growth and profitability for Ontario farmers and food processors.”


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