Big Sky Ranch introduces Poppy, the Friendly Jersey


by Pam Owen

Poppy is unique at Big Sky Ranch! She has the distinction of being the only cow at the Sanctuary. Being the ‘only’ might make one believe she is lonely, but Poppy is just the opposite… she has a heart large enough to embrace many animals and people. Her BFF (Best Friend Forever) is Dakota, an enormous buffalo (and another story for later).

Born a beautiful Jersey cow with a huge personality, it was evident, even as a young calf, that she was different. Most calves were content to learn how to be cows, Poppy was a friend and companion to the farmer that raised her. She was as devoted as a dog and as curious as a cat! Our Poppy would happily follow her farmer friend wherever she could, and quite preferred people over animals.

Poppy’s personality was surprising, her favourite game was to steal tools off the farmer’s tractor and take off with them. She loved to play with the horses until they tired of her playfulness. Clearly, species was no barrier to the playful, outgoing Poppy. She could make friends with anyone. Yet, a safe haven where Poppy could be safe and make more friends was sought…and Big Sky ranch entered the picture.

True to herself, Poppy befriended Dakota the buffalo. She exudes affection, loyalty, and leads onlookers to admiration of her skills. She loves to receive apples from her many visitors, and will always share with her pal Dakota (so make sure you bring lots).
Coming from a happy home, raised with love, and offered an alternative home at Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary, has allowed Poppy to grow and flourish into the wonderful cow she is! She continues to share her marvellous personality with all she meets. Please go to for info on when you can visit and how you can help animals like Poppy reach their potential.


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