Bingo Game Balls Showing Luck At Lottery

By Pat Babin

At this week’s meeting of the Youngsters of Yore, scheduled for Thursday afternoon in the Tallman Room of the Norenberg Building, bingo will be played.  However, this will be bingo with a slight modification.  A departure from the traditional is that players will win a book (and perhaps two) whenever they shout BINGO!

The nearly-new books have been donated by the Youngsters of Yore themselves.  An amazing assortment awaits the participants.

Youngsters of Yore, co-ordinated by Jean Kilfoyle and Fran Thompson, is sponsored by the Friends of the North Grenville Public Library, a registered charity recognized by Revenue Canada.  January is membership renewal month; family memberships are $20.

Guest speaker at last week’s session was Lynn L. Clark, who highlighted her new book entitled, The Home Child.  What if you could never go home again?

Quoted from the back cover:  “From 1869   through the first half of the twentieth century, approximately 100,000 children were sent to Canada from  the United Kingdom. Known as the British Home Children, the majority were sent from the Barnardo orphan homes in England, while 7,000 came from the Quarrier orphan homes in Scotland.”

Author Clark is married to well-known crime fiction novelist Michael J. McCann.  The latter has made two presentations at the Youngsters meetings.  Some of you will remember his crime novels, Blood Passage, Marcie’s Murder, and The Fregoli Delusion.

His latest book will be published shortly.

Membership Renewal Month for Friends!


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