These two historic photographs have managed to defeat the best efforts of people to identify the place and the person. Can you help? The photograph of the building was found, framed, in Kemptville College some time ago, but does not seem to be of any building on that campus. It has clearly something to do with the dairy industry, as can be seen from the wagons loaded with milk churns. One expert on the College has come up with this analysis:

“As a preliminary guess, it is possibly Nestle facilities in the Chesterville area, considering the location of the picture in Kemptville KAS. The 8 gallon cans indicate the farmers were supplying milk to a commercial operation of some sort. Farmers sending to local cheese factories ( at the assumed time period) were using the 30 gallon milk containers and delivered their milk themselves, with their horse and wagon transportation system. The horse and wagon delivery system portrayed there-in would suggest the farm milk was picked up by the company operating the processing facilities. The picture could portray Ault’s Cheese Factory operations in Winchester but, Ault operations would be more like a local cheese factory of that time frame.”

The photograph of the unidentified man is clearly from the nineteenth century, and was found and sent to us by Tina Goode, of Kemptville. He has a kind face, and seems to be relatively young. There is no mark of any kind on the reverse of the image to indicate where it was taken, or by whom. It is an enlargement of the original, probably, being about 20×30 inches in size.

If you can help in any way in identifying these photographs, please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks to Susie McIntosh and Tina Goode for sending them our way.


  1. In the printed edition: of Vol 5.No.41: Oct11/2017?Page-23
    Believe to be AULT in Winchester.
    The tower is for water to go to the factory. If a person is going through Winchester then take a look at AULT factory .Years ago when I was growing up at Bedell, the railway hub of eastern Ont milk was fwd by trains to Ault’s in Winchester and this was from all the farmers in the area.
    Now this is what I believe .


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