Adults and children showcase their artwork which was used to create the Canada 150 mural hanging in the Merrickville Library

As part of the Canada 150 celebrations in Merrickville, children and adults alike came together to create a wall-size mural of Canada that is hanging at the Merrickville Public Library.

It is the product of workshops run by retired teachers, Kathy Brown and Gloria Stowell, for children that involved them creating various art projects based on the different geographical areas of Canada, using mediums like collage, finger painting, and chalk. “Our objective was to take the children to the North, South, East and West of our country through the geography, flora and fauna,” Gloria says.

When some of the parents expressed interest in having an art class of their own, Gloria started up an adult group that ran one evening a week at the library. “I wanted to give them the opportunity, as adults, to explore their own vision and creativity,” she says.
In order to create the mural, Gloria took pictures of all the art that the children and adults created, printed them on shipping labels, and put them on a giant stylized map of Canada. She also enlisted one of the artists in the Village, Holly Dean, to do the calligraphy.

“Merrickville is known for its art tours and theatre,” Gloria says. “But I’d really like people to know about these little things that are going on in the background. [I want] to promote art opportunities for children to get messy, have fun, and find the joy in creating something together.”


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