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What Is and What Should Never Be

There’s a problem that has been facing municipal politicians and senior staff for a long time now, and it is something taxpayers know very...
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Floods, fires and the future

How exceptional is the recent warm weather, with its record high temperatures around the world? As places as far apart as Japan, London and...
The NG Times Newspaper

Ticket to ride

Well, it’s started. The candidates have paid their fee and signed up their supporters, and now we’ll be faced with a plethora of election...
The NG Times Newspaper

A hard rain’s gonna fall

The official start of campaigning for the 2018 Municipal Election finally gets underway this weekend. As of this Friday at 2 p.m., nominations close...
The NG Times Newspaper

The Climes they are a-changin’

Not too long ago, people were arguing passionately about whether Global Warming was real or not. Now that we’ve switched to calling it Climate...
The NG Times Newspaper

The voices of North Grenville

Social media is way for people to continue the discussions begun in newspapers, and the readers of the Times are certainly enjoying the opportunity...
The NG Times Newspaper

On the road to find out

In this year of political activity, the swearing-in of Doug Ford’s new Ontario Government has added another element to an already fascinating year. With...

Standing on guard

In late June that year, word got round that there was a young foreign family newly-arrived in town. They were staying in a hotel...
The NG Times Newspaper

I Can See Clearly Now

One of the great buzz words in recent elections at the municipal level has been “transparency”. Every candidate seems to promise that, should they...
The NG Times Newspaper


We do live in interesting times, which, as you may know, is considered a curse in some cultures. In an incredibly fast process, the...

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