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The privilege of small-town democracy

The election is just days away. In fact, if you are choosing to be technologically savvy, you can already vote online or by telephone...

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By Bob Cox, Publisher, Winnipeg Free Press, and Chair of the Board of News Media Canada It is common these days to find news outlets...
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New Kid in Town

How many times over the last months have we watched and read the news from around the world and felt deeply grateful that we...
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Signs, signs, everywhere signs

That traditional part of election campaigns continues this year: candidates’ signs are disappearing from the streets and byways of North Grenville. It is a...
The NG Times Newspaper

Let’s give them something to talk about

This is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of voters, directed to the candidates at this year’s municipal election. There are a number of...
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Dazed and confused

Justin Trudeau may be a genius. Calm down, it’s just a thought. You see, he’s arranged it so that marijuana, grass, weed, whatever you...
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Tell me why

In the good old days, elections were fought on platforms, real platforms, made of planks, where candidates stood and made speeches and answered the...
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What Is and What Should Never Be

There’s a problem that has been facing municipal politicians and senior staff for a long time now, and it is something taxpayers know very...
The NG Times Newspaper

Floods, fires and the future

How exceptional is the recent warm weather, with its record high temperatures around the world? As places as far apart as Japan, London and...
The NG Times Newspaper

Ticket to ride

Well, it’s started. The candidates have paid their fee and signed up their supporters, and now we’ll be faced with a plethora of election...

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