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Just like starting over

Everyone has heard about the old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times”. Well, consider yourself well and truly cursed. It’s hard to...

Cheers to local media

by Deron Johnston Every time that we pick up a local paper that is dedicated to informing their readers of the local issues, local events...
The NG Times Newspaper

Please please me

We are now officially launched into the Year of Elections. Provincially, this riding now has a full slate of candidates nominated by their respective...

On oil prices, poverty and the strong Canadian economy

By Heather Sansom While procrastinating really, just thinking that despite the trendy panic (peer pressure, group think, propaganda dare I say, maybe even social bullying)...
The NG Times Newspaper

In the year 2525

I learned a new phrase this week, and it has left me feeling more and more like I’m in Big Brother territory. “The Internet...
The NG Times Newspaper

Super schools – Not such a super idea

The Upper Canada District School Board Accommodation Review has been a hot topic over the past few months. With the final opportunity for presenting...
The NG Times Newspaper

We have only one Earth

by Colin Creasey There was an interesting editorial in this newspaper, admittedly a while ago now, entitled “Income gap is growing in Canada.” It was...

Another brick in the wall

The Municipality of North Grenville hired BDO Consulting to prepare a Business Feasibility Assessment Report on their plans for the future of Kemptville College,...
The NG Times Newspaper

Garbage in, Garbage out

Computers are strange things, aren’t they? I mean, we give them such respect and authority, as if they were somehow more reliable and knowledgeable...

Not on the radar

by Deron Johnston I sat down with a downtown Kemptville resident this week in a local coffee shop. I asked him what subject was important...

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