Communities in Bloom Garden of the Month


Our Garden of the Month judges Bob, Clayton and Robyn toured the four nominated gardens for the month of June in Merrickville-Wolford. The trio judged Merrickville-Wolford gardens based on Colour and Balance, Curb Appeal and Distribution and Design.

There were nine gardens nominated for the month of July. This month, there were three gardens that took the judges out of the Village to Easton’s Corners, Rose’s Bridge, and along County Road 16. The gardens varied a lot in terms of size, composition, and design, but, in the end, the judges all agreed that, although Tim Molloy’s garden was a serious contender, Rhoda Drake’s garden was the champion.

Cy and Rhoda’s tiny town garden won as it packs so much colour and diverse plant life in such a small area, with an eye to diverse landscaping. It’s a difficult space to work with, but they have done a great job incorporating annuals, perennials, and vegetables in all the nooks and crannies of the yard.

Congratulations Rhoda and Cy!

You can nominate yourself or a neighbour’s garden by going to our website

Merrickville – Wolford Communities in Bloom Committee.


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