Council appoints interim CAO/Treasurer


Merrickville-Wolford Council appointed an interim CAO/Treasurer at the council meeting last Monday night to replace two senior members of staff who are no longer with the Municipality at this time.

According to Mayor David Nash, John Regan is currently on leave from his position of CAO, and the municipality’s Treasurer, Sheila Kehoe, has left the Municipality permanently. “The treasurer’s position is currently vacant, and a recruitment will be forthcoming in the coming weeks,” Mayor Nash wrote in an email to the Times.

These sudden departures come at an inconvenient time, as staff are currently working on finalizing the budget, and the 2018 municipal election is fast approaching. Nigel White is a contractor with the Municipality who has been hired to act as interim CAO/Treasurer. He has marked experience in these areas, as he previously worked for the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville as their Treasurer and is the former CAO of Augusta Township.

The reason behind Sheila’s departure from the Municipality is unclear, as is when, or if, John will be back to fill the position of CAO in Merrickville-Wolford. It is likely that the details were discussed in the in-camera meetings on both January 22 and January 29, but this information has not been made public. It is public knowledge, however, that a workplace investigator has been hired, most likely to look at the circumstances surrounding this upheaval in the Municipality’s staff.


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