Crazy hat lady and silly songs


 Why would the sophisticated and learned men and women of the early 1900s, civilians and military, ever think of singing these ridiculous songs in public? Were they wishing, for just a moment, to mask the memories of the sights, sounds and smells of the wars in the trenches and battle fields?

We’ll Meet Again, coming to the Urbandale Arts Centre on November 10 at 7:30 and November 12 at 2:00, has a few of those lighthearted melodies.

Josephine (Laura Drover, pictured) is a worker in a factory. She is not told what the components she is assembling are actually for. She only knows that “it“, The Thing-Ummy-Bob, is going to win the war. This song , made popular by comedian Gracie Fields, is an addition to the show, added, with permission of the writers, to acknowledge those women who, to their dying day, did not reveal their part in the secret services.

Come, Josephine, In My Flying Machine is an intriguing invitation to board the new invention, not yet tried and true. It, too, is a new addition to the repertoire. The men’s double quartet, realizing Josephine’s Thing- Ummy Bob is familiar, fitting smoothly into the engine compartment, sings this to poor Josephine, convincing her to take the ride of a life time.

Fishies and Mairsey Doats only make sense after considerable libations, or if you sing them to your grandchildren. Just innocent and silly.

When I’m Cleaning Windows, made famous by George Formby, an actor and comedian who accompanied himself on the ukulele, reveals to us the things you can see, or almost see, when you’re cleaning windows.

We’ll Meet Again tickets, $15.00, are available at Brewed Awakenings, the Municipal Office, and at Kemptville and District Home Support: 613 258 3203. Proceeds go to support KDHSI


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