Kemptville 73s
Defense on offense.....Cameron McLean on his game as he picks top shelf to beat Alex Wisco for the tie during last Sunday's matinee with Navan Grads to take a 5 - 2 victory in front of hometown fans.

by the sportsguy

Navan Grads were in the Kemptville 73’s home barn for Sunday’s matinee challenge where the 73’s schooled the Grads 5 to 2. Kemptville opened with Samson combination to Ashton Fry to drive one past Alex Wisco at 9:17. Grads outshot 73’s 12 to 7.

A defensive miscue allowed Navan to tie it when Jesse Lycan beat Thomson Phinney, with assist from Hoffman and Losey at :36. Jackson Arcan scooped one in after Wilson knocked down a clearing pass at 5:31 to put Navan in the lead. Kemptville rebounded when Jefferies stick to stick with Meyer’s, back to Cameron McLean on point to even it up at 18:04. Samson sprang up the boards to Suzuki who found Ryan Pawlikowski in the lane for tie breaker at 18:44. Navan still outgunning Kemptville by 12 to 9.

Final twenty was owned by 73’s, with PP McLean to Fry directing play behind the goal to Charlie Kiefer PPG just above the circle for the insurance at 13:42. Navan pulled their stopper for 6 man attack and Taylor stole the rubber ahead to Bond, so Nicholas Domitrovic could bury it for EN at 19:36 and wrap up 5-2 victory. Grads 13 SOG to 73’s 8.

Kemptville’s PK was steller, as they had to shut down 3 on 5 in the third. 73’s PP was strong, capitalizing on one, with 3 attempts and Grads having 3 without results.
Kemptville 73’s battles against the Ottawa Junior Senators and Brockville Braves were postponed due to weather conditions.

Next home game is Sunday, February 17, when your 73’s face the Brockville Braves for a 2:00 pm matinee.

Hockey with EDGE….excellent, economical, exciting entertainment… your 73’s.
See you at the game and please feel free to express some of your thoughts about your concerns and experiences after attending games.


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