From left to right; Tom Humphreys (RG DUCS volunteer), Heather McNulty (South Mountain Scotiabank), John Carkner (RG DUCS volunteer), Nancy Miller-McKenzie (Manager South Mountain Scotiabank), Sherri Orendi (South Mountain Scotiabank) and John McKenzie (RG DUCS volunteer) Missing helpers were Laura Patterson from Kemptville Branch and Thomas Weatherbee-Martin from South Mountain.

submitted by John Carkner

Volunteers from the Rideau Grenville Chapter of Ducks Unlimited Canada were grateful to receive the generous donation of $2,000 from the South Mountain Branch of Scotiabank. As has happened for the past several years at the Annual RG DUCS dinner/auction fundraising event, Nancy Miller-McKenzie, manager of the South Mountain Scotiabank Branch, along with other Scotiabank volunteers, have assisted at the dinner. Without their help, the event would not be the yearly success it has become.

Scotiabank takes the opportunity to jump in and help out with both time and dollars to various recipients throughout the year. The program is called the Scotiabank Team Community Program. This program supports Scotiabank employees in our efforts to help causes and charities in our communities.

As employees, to be eligible for assistance from Scotiabank, they must actively take part in the charity/cause fundraiser. In the case of the Ducks Unlimited Dinner/Auction, employees sold VIP packages at the door the night of the event. The Bank will match funds based on the number of employees involved to a specified limit.


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