The first 100 Men Who Care North Grenville Donation night is November 7th


Donation Night is on Tuesday November 7th at 7:00pm at The South Branch Bistro. Shelley Stinson generously agreed to host the meeting immediately after we explained our program.  100 Men Who Care North Grenville has grown to over thirty committed members since we began as six men with a common goal of providing funds to local charities.

With the assistance of The North Grenville Community Fund we’ve partnered with the Ottawa Community Foundation. Ottawa Community Foundation enables on-line credit card payments to the 100 Men Who Care North Grenville fund. After each donation OCF issues tax receipts immediately to members and eliminates the administrative burden on smaller charities. OCF also pre-qualifies charities for legitimacy enabling us to include more charities as they’re brought forward by members and the community.

Anyone interested in participating can contact us by email at [email protected] or on Facebook at


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