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Rising gas prices are the most visible sign of the burden Premier Wynne’s carbon tax is placing on families, but Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark says the pump isn’t the only place where Ontarians will feel the pain.

“The government’s cap-and-trade scheme amounts to a tax on everything,” said Steve. “The price of all commercial goods, including food and clothing, will rise as higher transportation costs are inevitably passed on to consumers.”

He stressed the average 4.3 cents/L jump in fuel prices under the government’s $8-billion carbon tax grab will hit families in rural Ontario particularly hard.

“A family vehicle isn’t a luxury in rural Ontario, it’s a necessity. Residents of Leeds-Grenville rely on their vehicles to get to work every day – they don’t have the option of taking the bus or subway,” explained Steve. “Now, every time my constituents fill up, they’ll be reminded of just how disconnected Premier Wynne and her government are from the realities of life in rural Ontario.”

Steve noted the implementation of the carbon tax comes at the same time the provincial portion of HST has been removed from electricity bills, which continue to be the highest in Canada.

“Just when families were finally getting a break – no matter how small – the government steps in and slams them with this new tax. They put a few pennies in one pocket, but have their hand in your other pocket at the same time.”


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