by Morrison MacEachern

Late June is a time of change for many high school students, none more so than those in their senior year. Just last Wednesday, St. Michael Catholic High School celebrated the graduation of its Grade 12 students. Held early in the afternoon, the event took place in the school’s gymnasium and hosted dignitaries from all over the county- including Mayor David Gordon himself. Students, having braved the formative years of their lives, were given accolades for their past accomplishments, and encouragement for their future ones.
The gathered audience applauded each award recipient who crossed the stage and conveyed their support for the graduates alongside the teachers, faculty, and dignitaries. The final speech of the afternoon was given by the Class of 2016 Valedictorian, Kyleigh Jampen, and proved to be just as uplifting and soulful as Kyleigh herself. Kyleigh’s speech reminded the graduates of their best moments spent at St. Mike’s, as well ones they may have preferred to forget. The profoundness and significance of the event as a whole was brought out in the speech, almost more so than the applause, awards, and accolades that had preceded it. While the future of the graduating students will take them on varying paths, something they will forever share is their community.


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