Community group Merrickville Goes Green is gearing up for their 7th annual Eco Fair at the end of the month.

This year’s Fair will feature over 40 vendors, all centred around clean, green and local. “We see it as a networking and showcasing event,” says Scott Kelland, spokesperson for Merrickville Goes Green. “The purpose is to introduce the vendors to potential customers but also to their partners in the community.”

This year, the Fair will be offering a number of workshops focused on green living. Workshops will start at 10:30am, and will run throughout the day, on everything from container gardening for herbs, to backyard composting, to how to make fermented foods. “One of the reasons we put so much emphasis on workshops this year is that we believe that over the last couple of generations a lot of important skills have been lost,” Scott says. “Re-skilling is important.”

While the Eco Fair is Merrickville Goes Green’s flagship event, they also hold smaller events and fundraise to support many environmentally friendly causes throughout the year. This year they are selling composters and rain barrels at a discounted price to support initiatives like the Two Rivers Food Hub, the Merrickville Community Garden and supplying books about sustainability and the environment to the Library. “We are a small group of people who believe we have to walk the talk,” Scott says. “If we believe in sustainability, a more resilient community and environmentally friendly things, we should be doing everything we can to promote those ideas.”

Earth Hour celebrations, potluck picnics and walking tours through the village are other events that Merrickville Goes Green has spearheaded over the years. This fall they are hoping to have a harvest event to showcase the incredible local food that is grown in the area.

The Eco Fair is being held at the Merrickville Community Centre on May 28th from 10 am-3 pm. Admission is free.


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