Habitat for Humanity is setting to work in North Grenville once more. The non-profit agency that builds houses for families who couldn’t normally afford them has announced that they will be starting construction of their next home this year. A new home will be built  at 430 County Road 25, Oxford Mills. The plans are for a three-bedroom house, and the Habitat office will begin to hand out applications as soon as they are approved. Anyone interested in applying for the new home can contact the office by email at [email protected] if you have questions or are interested in receiving an application when they are available.

Habitat is eager to find volunteers willing to help with the build, so if you find that prospect appealing, send an e-mail.

Habitat for Humanity Thousand Islands is also planning to open a second ReStore, and this one will be located in our community. The agency is taking over part of the former Farm All building on Hwy. 43 in Kemptville, and the new store will be modelled closely after the original store on Highway 29 in Brockville. The store should be open by mid-February once renovations on the 4,000-square-foot warehouse are complete. The Brockville location has been so popular that it was running out of space.

Once open, the new ReStore in Kemptville will have a similar selection of building material, supplies, kitchens and furniture. The goal is to have the two stores generating enough revenue to build an additional two Habitat homes each year.

Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers for the new location to help with customer service, receiving and sorting, kitchen cabinet collection and other roles. The agency relies heavily on the goodwill of others donating their time and gently used items. Habitat is also looking for more contractors and renovators to donate material and inventory. To get involved, phone 613-342-3521.

At the Toronto Interior Design Show, Habitat for Humanity Canada presented a human-scaled house made out of 38,000 plastic bricks. This creation was realized by a team of volunteers directly on site and is part of the organization’s Brick for Brick campaign. By donating a virtual brick for the price of $25 each, you can contribute to raising funds dedicated to the construction of real houses. The goal is not only to provide well-needed housing to families in need, it is also to restore some stability in the lives of the children affected by the lack of a decent home, by giving them a safe and appropriate place to thrive within their community. To donate to the Brick for Brick campaign, go to: www.habitat.ca/brickforbrick


  1. met a family from Hallville, sd&g, rural Ontario a few weeks ago.
    hoping to have a conversation in regards to getting their family qualified for a Habitat home please.
    The ladies name is Faith Jordan(?)
    she and her partner Moe, are currently living in a mobile home, trailer, in Hallville, and the home is falling apart. They purchased the home, and are paying for the fee of land rental. Apparently, because I havent been there yet, the window are original to the mobile, they are letting in outdoors elements, the wall move, etc… you all are familiar with this situation.
    I would be happy to go there take photos, etc making a detailed list of the situation.
    The family has already two small girls, under 5(?) and are expecting another in the near future.
    If there is a slight possibility the family may qualify this would be a miracle.
    My name is Jennifer Liboiron, I live in Williamsburg Hamlet, SD&G
    61 3535 1622
    I am commited to assisting this family, I think, perhaps, I would be willing to go out, and meet people running, The House Of Lazarus, and several local clubs, such as Lions, Leos, IOOF, fire halls, etc to get people on board to fundraise, and to commit to volunteer hours.
    Please will you send me the info pamphlets, applications etc for this deserving family?
    #11900 county rd 18
    thank you for doing what you have done for generations.


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