OOPPS wrong side of net.....73's had opportunities on Wednesday night, but just couldn't put the rubber on right side

by the sportsguy

After the challenging contest on Friday night, the 73’s were geared up for their meeting with the Pembroke Lumber Kings on Sunday in their barn. Bissonette found Jake Gaudet flying through neutral zone to hammer it in at 7:02, to put 73’s on board. Then again, at 2:35, as Beauparlant combined with Rowe, to set up Tyson Kirkby to close-out first at two. Kemptville out-gunned their opponents 18 to 5, as they spent more time in Lumber Kings’ end.
Second stanza was owned by 73’s, as they peppered Ryan Glander with 12 SOG, with 6 on Peter Brooks, and Beauparlant with Bissonette, over to Tyson Kirkby for his second tally at :13.
Last twenty, the flood gates opened for 73’s, as Beauparlant counted his third helper, assisted by Roy, to Brady Elder, who pumped it between the posts at 15:59. Tic-tac-toe from Dow and Gaudet on PP, over to Alex Row at 13:18 for a PPG. Pembroke bounced back with man advantage at 7:10, when John, with Kyte, ahead to Justin Felhaber to rifle for PPG past Hodgins to break his SO attempt. 73’s countered at 6:39, when Giguere teamed up with Tracy to give Bobby Dow his 24th goal and a 5-goal spread. At 4:24, Hunter springs Gaudet ahead to Adam Alavi to chase Ryan Glander to the shower, to be replaced by Jake Smith. Matt Tugnutt stopped the bleeding when Dow, with Giguere, with man advantage at :15 and a 8-1 win. Pembroke faced a barrage of rubber, with 49 to Kemptville’s 16 and another huge loss.
Wednesday night’s battle with the Hawkesbury Hawks proved to be a challenge, as the weather played havoc with the ice surface for both clubs. Kemptville opened the first at 11:36, when McGrath coasted across the line, over to Beaton, to Neill Samanski, with quick wrister glove side to beat Chan. Kemptville closed out with out-gunning their opponents 20 to 2, but only one marker to show for it.
Hawks countered in the second, when Ashley slams one, as Giancarlo Fiorio re-directs and Hodgins stick-waved at the passing rubber for a tie at 16:17. 73’s bounced back at 14:12, when Rowe controls the line ahead to Dow and the “tenancity” of Tyler Beauparlant, sprawled on his knees, to sweep it in to even it up. Shot from Fournier off face-off, as Joe Smith deflected by stopper, to give Hawks go-ahead at 12:27. Kemptville SOG 19-11 again this period, with one goal behind.
Last twenty, Jonathan Cyr deflects off York’s skate, with helpers from Sande and Theander, to pull ahead at 14:48. Kirkby knocks down clearing, behind net to Osik to Tyler Beauparlant waiting in the slot to slam it home for his second at 10:04. Jonathan Cyr buries a second softie over Hodgins shoulder, after being sprung by Jankowski, to put Hawkesbury ahead 4-3 at 7:59. Kemptville launched a push to force OT, as Gaudet set up the cycle for Bissonette to load up and Adam Alavi steal it, to punch it in at 3:21. 73’s out-shot Hawks 17-6 and extra round.
Extra five belonged to the stoppers, as they recorded 3 SOG and remain scoreless to force shoot-out. Eric Theander drew first blood for Hawks, and Kemptville countered with Jake Gaudet, but tie breaker from Adam Alavi brought the fans to their feet. Kemptville pulled a turn-around, peppering Chan with 60 rubber discs to Hodgins 22 and a 5-4 victory.
Saturday night meeting with Gloucester Rangers gave Kemptville another two points for the race to the playoffs as they stymied them 7 to 2. First round, York cleared to Alavi, with tic-tac to Jake Gaudet that rifled first marker for 73’s at 14:38. Row would find Adam Alavi to dump it home for second goal at 2:50 to close-out period.
Second stanza, Rowe launched attack to Osik, over to Adam Alavi, to beat Cullen at 10:04, to make it a three goal spread. With man advantage, Osik and Alavi collaborated back to Jack York, on point for PPG at 8:29. Line of Tugnutt, Dow and Adam Alavi combined on PP for his second tally of the evening at 2:49 to end the onslaught.
Final twenty, Sean Houle would spoil Peter Brooks SO attempt to put the Rangers on the board at 16:02. 73’s answered back, with Osik and Kirkby setting up Tyler Beauparlant to widen the gap by five at 13:12. Osik teamed up with Giguere to find Jack York to counter from the slot for his second marker at 6:15. Liam Peyton, with helpers from Cullen and Robert, notched one more Gloucester to stop the hemorrhaging at 4:03, to give Kemptville a 7-2 win. SOG favoured Gloucester by 31 to 30, with a barrage initiated in the third 14-5.
Just a reminder: the 73’s are on in the playoffs and they would love to see you come out to support them on their way.
Come on out and experience “Hockey with Edge”…..support your community 73’s.


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