Hot hand in Hawkesbury......Kemptville 73's engaged the Hawkesbury Hawks on Friday night with both stoppers on their game, unfortunately the snipers  on the 73's couldn't break Matthew Petizian SO. Nicholas Domitrovic with Ryan Pawlikowski came on strong, but just couldn't penetrate to even the odds.

by the sportsguy

Well sports fans, due to foul weather, our Kemptville 73’s had to postpone their Sunday matinee with the Rockland Nationals.

Thursday night’s game in Kanata against the Lasers was gruesome, as the wheels fell off the 73’s machine as the Lasers zapped them 6-2. Kanata came out on fire with four unanswered markers to open the first at 6:40, Maggio with Michel to give Jack Ludwig to beat Jarrett Fiske. Poeze and Sleeth to Luca Nocita for his 24th of the season at 9:03. Third goal, Austin Holmes, with helpers from Austin and Matthews at 12:08. Final one to close out the first from Maggio with F. Tourigny for Jack Ludwig second of contest at 18:15. Kemptville outshot Kanta by 19-17.

Kemptville spoiled Gabriel Carriere’s SO attempt at 16:16, as Beaton combined with Patterson to find Nicholas Domitrovic in the lane for the lone goal of the period. 73’s hammered Lasers 22 SOG to 14.

Third twenty belonged to Kanata, as Nocita with Markhauser to Graham Denomme to make it a 5-1 runaway at 8:31. Nocita paired with Anderson to find Peyton Hughes to count another at 11:51 to give the Lasers a 5 point spread. With Kemptville down a man, Suzuki stole the rubber to spring John Beaton through the line for SHG at 13:42 for a comeback attempt. Kemptville pelted 17 SOG to Kanata 9.

Kemptville hammered 58 shots on Kanata stopper, Gabriel Carriere, but only two got past him. He saved the battle for the Lasers and they capitalized on 73’s errors to brandish a win. Both teams had 3 PP opportunities without results.

Friday night’s road trip to Hawkesbury to meet the second place Hawks was positive for Kemptville, as they held them at bay for 1-0 defeat. Hawks squeezed one by Jarrett Fiske for their only goal at 8:41, when Gasuik with Yovetich sprang Samuel Hatto free. Hawks outshot 73’s by 16-11.

Second stanza was scoreless, with both squads trying to gain advantage through opposition mistakes, and both Jarrett Fiske and Matthew Petizian put on a goalie’s clinic. Hawkesbury outgunned Kemptville 14 SOG to 4.

Final twenty remained stale, with the Hawks ahead by one and 73’s controlling the puck with 15 SOG to 7. Kemptville had 6 PP opportunities without results and Hawkesbury with 3 without results. This was obvious a barn burner with the inertia on Kemptville moving forward.

Kemptville 73’s will host Smiths Falls Bears for a Wednesday evening contest on January, 30 at 7:20 pm.

Hockey with EDGE…excellent, economical, exciting, entertainment….support your 73’s.

See you at the game and please feel free to express some of your thoughts about your concerns and experiences after attending games.


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