Kindling for Kids


A local business owner has spearheaded an initiative to raise money for children’s mental health in the area. Craig McCormick, owner of Crackle Pop Kindling, has created Kindling for Kids to raise money for children’s mental health services in North Grenville and the surrounding area. Being a retired OPP officer, Craig has always been an advocate for child mental health wellness, and when he decided he wanted to do something to give back to the community, this idea came to mind.

“We see it in our youth today,” Craig says. “The statistics of children needing help are high, and it’s not something that is just going to go away.”

The initiative came to fruition when Craig approached area businesses to find out if they would be interested in raising monies for the local Child Mental Health Wellness service.

The response to the inquiry was overwhelmingly a positive one. Every business approached were very supportive of the idea and did not hesitate to hop on board for the cause. As Craig says: “Their support is a TRUE indication that small-town caring mentality remains ALIVE!”

What is Kindling For Kids you ask? Every participating location will be supplied with dry, neatly packed, no mess bags of kindling. Each bag will be sold for $5.00 each, taxes included. For every bag sold, a percentage will be donated to the Kemptville service of Child Mental Health of Leeds and Grenville. These monies will be utilized for a variety of programs to better the mental wellness of each participating youth!

“It’s just a good thing to do,” says one of the participants, Shelley Coons of Shelley’s Kitchen in Heckston.

A portion of every sale will go directly towards supporting the programming that the children’s mental health services office offers in each area where the business resides. This is an ongoing initiative and Craig will be making donations to the organization on a quarterly basis.

The businesses who are currently offering Kindling for Kids are: Stinsons (Kemptville), Rooney Feeds ltd. (South Gower Park), Shelley’s Kitchen (Heckston), Pioneer Nursery (Kemptville), Albert’s Meat Shop (Kemptville), RB Heating (Kemptville), The Heat Source (Kemptville), Pure Lotus Wellness Centre (Kemptville), Food Market (Merrickville), Greenham’s General Store (North Augusta), Wings Bait and Tackle (Lyndhurst), Manotick Bait and Tackle, That Hunting Store (Richmond), Bait Casters (Carleton Place), Mike Deans Super Food Stores (Chesterville), MacEwen Petroleum/Bayview Convenience (Johnstown) and The Village Pantry (Spencerville).

If you are a business who would like to participate contact Crackle Pop Kindling at 613-277-1106.


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