Letter to the editor – builders/developers


Dear Editor,

I am not surprised (nor would staff be) that there may be some builders/developers who express displeasure with aspects of the development processes of a municipality (i.e. time can be money) and I do not see why North Grenville (NG) would be any different than other municipalities. However, the question is “…are the complaints legitimate…” or just an attempt to pressure Council members to minimize factors that may play into the development processes and times such as reducing community/public participation and or environmental protections. Specific to one stated builder’s concerns, while certain “A” frame signs may be limited under current by-laws, NG does go beyond many municipalities by having fixed directional development project related signs placed at strategic locations in the community. While serving a functional use generally, signs can also create safety issues (vehicular and pedestrian) and be aesthetic pollution (visual clutter) – so there is a right and wrong way. On all development related matters a good balanced approach is required to protect the interests of the municipality and its residents and the interests of the development industry. Municipal processes and expectations should be easily understandable and reasonable in execution and results. Official Plans and by-laws should be clear in their objectives, but flexible in their implementation. However it is not unreasonable for a municipality (i.e. internally or through an external resource) to occasionally audit their development related processes/files to determine if the municipal objectives are being met and the developers interests of timely reviews/approvals are being achieved. Bench marking against other municipalities can be done to compare one municipality to another. This is not a difficult process (i.e. audit and bench marking) and many municipalities have done this over periods of time (e.g. every 5 years or more frequently depending on building pressures). I would strongly suggest an audit may very well reflect that the builders and developers in NG are very fortunate – but possibly such an audit is required to know for sure.

Carl Cannon


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