Letter to the Editor: Regarding Kemptville College


Dear Editor,

Regarding Kemptville College. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The architects of this sham have managed to somehow engineer the sale of a property OWNED BY the people of Ontario, ‘THE TAXPAYER’, to OURSELVES, the very same ‘TAXPAYER’.

For four years, residents of North Grenville have witnessed our Municipal authorities conduct SECRET negotiations with our Provincial Government regarding this transaction. In and of itself, this fact alone should scream foul. This transaction has managed to shift the burden of care for this property from a tax base of millions to the tax base of North Grenville. This will not end well for us locals.

Then, of course, we will have this ‘arms length’ Not For Profit Government Organization that is apparently being created to manage this endeavour. What hogwash! Since when has a government at any level been successful at managing a commercial enterprise? How many of our esteemed municipal servants (or family members) will make the jump to this new NGO and the impressive salaries that are all but certain to go with it? Just wait for it. Now that the deal is done, we need to see the entire file on this transaction. This must include ALL CORRESPONDENCE. Oh, and by the way, we’re not going to have any of this accidentally ‘deleted emails’ business here in North Grenville are we?

Don Burns


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