Letter to the Editor – sewage treatment plant


Dear Editor:

While I was mayor there was constant discussion, concern and misinformation regarding capacity of our sewage treatment plant. Those opposed to growth claimed we were at or near capacity. Staff were asked to come up with ideas on how the plant capacity could be expanded. One idea I liked was the creation of settling ponds to pretreat sewage. Other ideas were put forward, all horrendously expensive. Throughout all this discussion, one basic premise prevailed which was (and I hope still is) that costs associated with water/sewer be paid for exclusively by system users and growth related projects.

There has been considerable new growth since I left council, but I don’t recall any questions or editorials in the “Times” related to this issue. So my question to council through this media is for a report to be published in this paper addressing capacity issues for both the sewage treatment plant and clean water wells. I would also like assurance that funds developers have paid regarding future capacity have been set aside for future use, not used for current ongoing expenses. How much is specifically in such a fund?

Hopefully, the Times will give this matter the same attention it did some years ago.
Bill Gooch


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