Letter to the editor


Dear Editor,

Great Editorial! Especially on point: “A President who prided himself on being rude, sexist, bigoted and racist, then it was all right for everyone who shared those views to come out of the closet”. Also, “But have we ever come this close to destroying ourselves and our planet?”

There was an ad published by the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville about the chemicals they were going to spray along the roadsides. I myself find that very concerning, because they haven’t connected those chemicals to cancer, but I have just heard on the news lately about the connection to cancer with “Round-Up”. It takes so long to get the “connection” for various reasons.

Companies that are making millions in the chemical business do not want to lose that revenue, of course, at any cost or collateral damage, perhaps. Meanwhile, we spend billions for cancer treatment and those on the receiving end of those treatments suffer greatly, I believe.

Also, referring to Jeff Goodman’s letter: He mentions the “International Climate Science Coalition” supported financially by the Heartland Institute in the U.S., funded by the Koch brothers and Exxon (oil industry). It wouldn’t be too hard to figure out that the billionaires making their money in the oil industry wouldn’t be supporting reducing their effect on the climate. The environment would not be on their list of priorities!

Sincere thank you, Mr. Goodman, for your intelligence and knowledge on his matter. It gives me hope that there are people, as yourself, who actually get it.

Kath Piché



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