Letter to the editor – C02


Dear Editor,

C02 is our friend, not our enemy. For the past number of years, a company in Kemptville has been producing technology to harvest all greenhouse gases and sequester them into the soil as carbon.

This is done by a small box being buried in the ground to work with nature and not against it. The box pulls all of the greenhouse gases in. It has a crystal battery that is charged by the electrical charge on the oxygen molecule. The unit is self contained, has no moving parts, and requires no other power to operate it.

The gases from livestock facilities, poultry barns, and dairy barns are removed from the farm and sequestered back into the soil to grow healthy crops. The oxygen is then in a form that can be put down approximately 4,000 feet into the ground to remove all pathogens and bacteria. This enables the life in the soil, e.g. earthworms and fungi and bacteria, to operate at a much deeper level in the soil. This aerates the soil to allow water to pass through more quickly. The carbon produced acts as a glue to hold the soil together to reduce soil erosion. The oxygen is used to compost the manure in storage pits or tanks, so it can be used immediately to apply to the soil without burning forage crops, and very little odor is noticeable. Each box removes between 10-15 tonnes of carbon per acre and places it in the soil. The range of the box is 1-2,000 acres.

All of our production of this technology is shipped into the United States, India, Chile, South Korea, Poland, Holland and China.

Peter Webb, Kemptville


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