Letter to the editor – environmental crisis


Dear Editor,

I found the article published May 30 [re: “A possible environmental crisis in North Grenville”] to be alarmist and unnecessarily caustic towards our municipal staff.

I believe the facts are not as unclear as the article represents; mainstream media has been reporting about the decreasing demand for recycled materials and real challenges in collection and sorting to exclude contaminant materials. At what cost should society insist materials be recycled? I’m surprised that anyone would expect that simply being marked recyclable by a manufacturer guarantees that a facility exists, somewhere in the world, to turn recovered material into a product that another manufacturer would wish to reuse. My question to North Grenvillians is at what cost? Do we expect our municipality to collect, sort and store indefinitely those materials for which there is no recycler currently willing to accept? Where there is no demand for the recycled material? I characterize myself as both environmentally conscious and fiscally responsible; recycling at any cost seems unreasonable to me as a taxpayer.

In school, I was taught the “three Rs”. I encourage everyone to look at how we can reduce or reuse any recyclable material. And I highly recommend CBC’s fantastic, informative series entitled Reduce, Reuse, Rethink:

Kathy Dickenson
Kemptville resident


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