Letter to the editor – moral values


Dear Editor,

Colin Creasey has saved me from total despair once again. He gets it, at least in my opinion. We are increasingly running out of Greenspace. It doesn’t seem so much that way around Kemptville yet, but the big cities keep expanding. Some day, Ottawa will consume us.

How can updated sex education, for example, be bad in this day and age, with teenage or pre-teenage even, use of the internet, and sex trafficking being very big issues of the day?

Didn’t I just hear on the news that already cuts are being made into the healthcare system? Isn’t this all a somewhat smaller version of what is happening to the south of us?

I would say that the government of the U.S. today is morally bankrupt. Shouldn’t decent moral values still be something we should wish and strive for?

Kath Piché.


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