Letter to the Editor – Pedestrian Safety


Dear Editor,

Last winter, my wife and I sold our big rural home and moved into Kemptville. As a result of this move, we both are walking more around town. It is a beautiful, caring community, but, as a pedestrian, I have noticed that the driving habits around town are somewhat wanting. For example, crosswalks. As a pedestrian, drivers do not seem to notice you, or grant you the right of way, which became law earlier this year, I believe. Just this afternoon, I was crossing Reuben Street in the crosswalk with the walk symbol, while a lady in a big white Lexus heading south on Prescott St turned left with getting to the Post Office on her mind. She showed no indication that she saw me, drove through the crosswalk, managing to miss me more by luck then good driving. That is but the latest incident, there have been many people failing to stop for a person in the crosswalk.

My other pet peeve is STOP signs. I understood that when you drive up to a stop sign, your wheels (on your vehicle, not in your mind) are supposed to stop turning. I have not taken the time to sit and count; but I feel safe in saying the majority of vehicles do not stop at stop signs, and I have seen many that cannot lay claim to having slowed down and rolled through.

I hope that everyone who reads this will think about their own driving habits, especially as the school year will finish soon, and the children will not always be as careful as they should be, so the drivers need to be more vigilant.

David Herman


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