Letter to the editor – seat belts


Dear Editor,

Here we go again: how many more bus accidents will happen before the powers that be smarten up and make public transportation have seat belts?

2013 – Fallowfield – bus accident with tragic results; 2018 Humboldt – many bright young lives taken or maimed for life; now, one month into 2019, Westboro – another bus accident with 3 people killed and many more injured.

Seat belts are mandatory for all children and adults travelling by car; yet we send our children to school by bus, but no seat belts. The general public uses public transport every day and no seat belts. Wake up and have seat belts on all public vehicles. I can tell you in the UK, and especially in Ireland, seat belts are mandatory in every aspect of private and public vehicles, and it has cut down accidents by over 80%.

Seat Belts do Save Lives.

Before this year of 2019 is over, please let us do our utmost to have seat belts in all vehicles – our number one priority must be School Buses. It starts with all of us to write or phone the people who are in charge.

Seat Belts do save lives: enough is enough.

[Name withheld by request]


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