David Shanahan receives award from Councillor Frank Onasanya

The Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee held a celebration on Friday to honour the people involved in sponsoring last year’s Doors Open. Doors Open was held in September, when twenty-five historic and heritage buildings opened their doors to the public for the day. It was a wonderful success, with hundreds of people dropping in to visit the sites, and drawing people from far and wide to North Grenville to see what a rich heritage we have here.

The event last Friday was held at Geronimo coffee house in Kemptville, and included the Mayor, all municipal councillors, members of the Heritage Advisory Committee, and local businesses who were involved in Doors Open.

Lynne Cliffard-Ward (centre) presents to Rachel Davies (left) and Debbie Wilson of Grahame’s Bakery

TD Graham and Associates, Tallman Truck Centre, eQuinelle, The North Grenville Times, Lockwood Brothers Construction, and Grahames Bakery were all given awards for their significant contribution to Doors Open. The Advisory Committee also presented a certificate to Mayor David Gordon on behalf of the Municipality, which included the names of all the Doors Open sites, as a commemoration of the event.

“Imagine, that it was a year ago,” said Doors Open Coordinator Lynne Clifford-Ward. “We couldn’t have asked for a better day.”

Heritage Advisory Committee Chair, Rowena Cooper, also updated the crowd about what the Committee has been working on. They are in the process of streamlining their inventory of heritage buildings in North Grenville, which currently contains close to 1,000 sites. The restoration of the old Fire Hall (Armoury) has been completed, and they have been working with local artist, Don Munz, on the prints of old buildings that are hanging in the windows of some of the storefronts downtown. The Committee also worked with Don to mount the three large murals on the retaining walls beside the Library on the South Branch (across from Salamander’s patio). She says they hope to include lighting along the wall, so the murals can be seen at night. The Committee also held two heritage symposiums over the past two years, and are going to host another in May of next year.


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