Meeting Wobbles the cat from Big Sky Ranch


by Pam Owen

I received the biography on Wobbles from Big Sky Ranch and enjoyed it so much, I have nothing further to add. Please enjoy the article as submitted by the marvellous and talented staff at the Sanctuary!

This is Wobbles, and what a magnificent cat she is – by her name you would never know that she wants to be taken seriously! Wobbles is not the name she came with when she was surrendered, her name was Grace, but ‘Wobbles’ naturally evolved from how she acted as she started to explore her new home. She was given up, with a cat friend who was quickly adopted out, by a person who loved them very much, but had to move away for personal reasons. So, Wobbles was used to being adored! She was not used to such vigorous exercise though, but bravely set out to explore every inch of the Sanctuary.

It was hard not to notice her- even the other cats would look on in amazement as this round little ball practised every day. She jumped on roofs, balanced on fence posts, and walked with lots of wobbles along all of the fences in the parking lot too (all with little grace, as it can happen to even the best of us). Wobbles does everything with a very serious face – her expression when we giggle at her antics would freeze you to stone. Never discouraged, even when the other cats decided to show her how it’s done with the greatest of ease, she persevered until she mastered all of the heights. Once that was done to her satisfaction, she prefered to snooze in the new flower beds planted by the volunteers, next to the new sheltered gazebo that has been recently built.

There are more and more visitors who come to visit the animals every year, and it became clear that the Sanctuary needed a place where people could rest and spend time together too. Whether using a walker or a wheelchair, or even racing up on a child’s quick feet, the gazebo is a place to share lunch together, watch the horses in the fields, or read the dedication plaques to animal friends passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Wobbles will be close by, approving of all the efforts to relax, slow down a little, and smell the flowers.

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