Submitted by Michael Whittaker

The time has come once again for the community to prove this is the prettiest village in Canada when the Communities in Bloom judges visit July 27-29.

Merrickville-Wolford has the idyllic charm of a rural municipality with heritage architecture, colourful gardens and greenspaces in an increasingly sustainable community enjoyed by all who live here and those who visit.

“We cannot rest on the laurels we earned as prettiest village in 1998,” said Connie Adams, principal organizer of Merrickville-Wolford’s entry in Communities in Bloom. “Each of us, resident, business, property owner, service club and community organization, acts on civic pride and contributes to the beautification of Merrickville-Wolford.”

This is an opportunity to look more closely at our streets, storefronts and recreational areas to see and act on their improvements.

“Sometimes we become so accustomed to our surroundings we miss the little thing others tend to notice,” said Ms. Adams. “To be a strong competitor, we need to reduce weeds and grass sneaking into our gardens and sidewalks, dab on some paint here and there, and do what we can to beautify our community.”

Merrickville-Wolford will be judged under the broad categories of tidiness, environmental action, heritage conservation, urban forestry, landscape, and floral displays.

An introductory community profile with photographs was sent to Communities in Bloom for the judges to use as a guide to the community’s achievements, but is not part of the evaluation.

For information about Merrickville-Wolford’s entry into Communities in Bloom email [email protected] For Communities in Bloom visit


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