Merrickville-Wolford customer service survey results


A survey conducted by the Municipality of Merrickville-Wolford about customer service has produced mostly positive results. The survey, which was active for most of July on Survey Monkey, was designed to get an idea of how satisfied residents were with the services they were receiving from the Municipality.

A total of 75 people took the survey, with 37 being from the Merrickville Ward and 38 from Wolford Ward. Most people indicated that they had visited the Municipal offices, or contacted them by phone, in the last six months, and they were satisfied with the speed and efficacy of the service.

Services like fire and police protection, waste management, and recycling were rated very highly, while just over half of respondents gave water and sewage services the lowest rating. Staff feels that this is likely because over half of respondents lived in the Wolford Ward, where there is no access to these services.

According to the survey, an area where the Municipality needs to improve is their online presence. Fifty four of the 75 respondents said they visit the website monthly, or every few months, and most rated it a three when asked about presentation, user friendliness, information, and helpful links. Some comments received about the website were “pathetic,” “awful,” and “time consuming.” Most people said they were aware of council meeting agendas posted on the website and public bulletin boards.

Overall, the comments left by respondents were positive and indicated that things are improving at the Municipality, from a service perspective. Specific comments will be used by municipal staff to identify areas for further improvement.


  1. Be Fair with the public ..Any professional should confirm that holding a survey that receives a less than 8 percent response rate would be considered non conclusive and no action would be taken on the results. Your conclusions are tainted with roses .


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