Nick Bond shut-down another attempt as Alexis Giguere takes out shooter to stop rebound

by the sportsguy

Last Sunday’s night challenge on home ice against Kanata Lasers started off the first when a sin-bin visit by 73’s gave Bennett Stockdale with helper from Manderville a PPG at 7:01. Then Lasers snapped another into the mesh when Nocita set up Jack Quinn at 7:14 to give them two goal lead. Kemptville bounced back with the two speedsters Fry across to Eric Conley to spoil Hektors SO attempt at 19:25. Lasers on the attack at 19:58 as the combination Nocita and Jack Quinn posted his second tally of the night. Kanata outshot Kemptville by 14 to 10.

Man advantage for 73’s as tic-tac-toe play from Fry and Kirkby when Alec Taillon picked up the garbage to pull the trigger at 17:17 for PPG. Period closed out with SOG even with 9 each and 73’s within one.

Third round Kemptville seemed totally disjointed and out of gas to allow Kanata to force the issue. Nocita found Jack Quinn to give him a hat-trick at 5:54 to make it a 2 goal game for Lasers. Will Larsen capped it off after receiving the rubber from Sleeth at 18:01 to award a 5 – 2 win for Kanata Lasers. Lasers SOG 9 to 73’s 5 for a total of 32 for Lasers and 24 for 73’s.

Peter Brooks was left on his own with major attacks by Kanata on his door step behind the defenders without clearing the rubber.

Wednesday’s contest would be interesting as the boys faced the Smiths Falls Bears with their previous coach behind the Bears bench. Bears struck first when Shannon with Hart over to Brett Humberstone to hammer it home past Peter Brooks at 4:49. Smiths Falls peppered 15 shots to Kemptville 5. New kid on the block Kiefer with assist from Beaton found Tyson Kirkby to put the 73’s on the board at 1:45. 73’s regained their faith as they pumped 10 SOG to Bears 4 to close out with 1 – 1 tie.

Final twenty belonged to Smiths Falls Bears as Harley from the half boards to Kyle Dowdall to rifle it in for a tie breaker at 13:20. Insurance goal at 17:44 from Bohemier to Kyle Dowdall for his second marker and win over 73’s 3 to 1. Bears outshot 73’s 16 to 14 with total of 35 to 73’s 29. With Kemptville changing up the coaching unit it will have developed a challenge for the young warriors to adapt to new systems and coaching style.

Pembroke Lumber Kings rolled into to town for a Friday night confrontation. Kemptville 73’s drew first blood when Kiefer with Hunter to Jarrett Williams that loaded up and fired for his intial goal of the season at 19:43. Lumber Kings answered back with a garbage point when Noah Malka re-directed a bouncing rubber after receiving from Emoff and Falivena at 19:58 to even it up. Kemptville blasted 17 shots at Nick Manousos to 7 shots at Nick bond.

Kemptville owned the second as Hunter with a man short slammed it tape to tape onto high flying Eric Conley over the middle for SHG at 4:49 for tie breaker. Hunter’s tenacity controlled the play to Jacob Thousand on the door step to bang it home at 12:21 to put Kemptville ahead by two. SOG even at 10.

Last twenty as in the previous stanzas 73’s were kept in the contest by Nick Bond just one shot shy of SO with Kirkby assisted from Meyer as Ashton Fry back hands over glove of stopper at 5:05 to hand 73’s a victory. Lumber Kings managed 13 SOG to 73’s 8. Kemptville showed a different team to their fans.

Come on out to their next home game to show your support and experience Hockey with EDGE.


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