The Le Boat Horizon fleet cruisers built for touring the Rideau Canal are here and ready to go. The premier vessels arrived earlier this month and were welcomed with an unveiling ceremony at the Le Boat boat yard on Centre Street in Smiths Falls. The cruisers were built in Poland and took their first voyage – as cargo – across the Atlantic. They will be launched this spring.

“We have prepared our expansion into Canada for close to three years,” said Cheryl Brown, Le Boat’s Global Managing Director. “To finally see it all come together with the arrival of 16 newly-built canal boats actually arriving at our new base in Canada is really something amazing,” She noted sales are going well with customers from Europe and North America.

The boats have been designed for Ontario’s waterways and will offer visitors a new way to discover the scenic surroundings and history of the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Last fall, Le Boat relocated its North American headquarters from Clearwater, Florida, to the Lockmaster’s House on the Rideau Canal. The company is investing $16-million to operate the self-drive boats on the Rideau Canal.

For more information call toll free at 1-800-734-5491 or visit the Le Boat website.


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