Theatre Night In Merrickville has begun preparations for their spring production of “Hamish”, a Canadian Play by Michael Grant.

“I’m actually quite excited about this play,” says director, Margaret Shearman. Written in 1911, it is a comedy, set in the Scottish Highlands, about a Canadian man and his wife returning to his family homestead, only to discover that his deceased Great-great-great-great-Grandfather is still hanging around. Something must be put right before he can move on to the afterlife.

Margaret says she loves the play, but her main concern was how she was going to find enough people in the area who could do a convincing Scottish accent. “I was just amazed when I had three or four people, who I had never seen before, come out to audition who had beautiful Scottish accents”.

Of the six people in the cast, Margaret has only worked with one of them before. “I’m really looking forward to seeing how these new people blossom and bloom,” Margaret says. “From what they’ve done for their auditions, and the enthusiasm they have, I am sure they are going to be wonderful.”

The production is entirely volunteer based, and Margaret says they are always looking for volunteers to help out backstage with things like costumes, makeup and set design. The cast started rehearsals on Sunday and will be rehearsing three times a week until the show opens on Friday, May 13 at the Merrickville Community Centre. The performances will be in the evening on Friday and Saturday night, with a matineeon Sunday. Margaret says the play is family-friendly and enjoyable for children 12 and up.


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