Marika Wildeboer and Nadine Feuerherm at work in the NG Archives

The North Grenville Historical Society [NGHS] will be opening the North Grenville Archives to the public for four days each week, between 9 am and 4 pm. until the end of July. The NG Archives, owned and operated by the NGHS, contains a large collection of documents, maps, genealogical records, photographs and other material dealing with the history of the municipality.

This Summer program is made possible because the NGHS has managed to hire two full-time Summer students through a federal government employment program. Marika Wilderboer and Nadine Feuerherm will be working on three projects for the Society during their time at the Archives, each of which will help to make the Archives more accessible and useful to residents and outside researchers working on local history and genealogy.

Marika has completed her university degree and will be returning to school in the Autumn to attend Teacher Training courses. Nadine is working on a History degree at Mount Allison University. Having these two qualified people available to the NGHS is a great benefit to the Society in their work to bring the content of the Archives to the people of North Grenville.

Over many years, the Society has collected original material, as well as copies of important records relevant to North Grenville from archives around the province, including Library and Archives Canada and the Archives of Ontario. Marika and Nadine will be helping to compile a more detailed inventory of some of this material, and adding it to the Archives database.

Archival work also requires some very practical application too. Much of the contents need to be protected against damp, heat, and environmental damage, and so the two students have also been given the job of preparing shelving at the Archives to hold the collection by covering shelves so as to prevent leaching into boxes of documents. It’s not all academic work, by any means!

The students will be working under the supervision of NGHS members, including Society Vice-President, Bill Adams, and Rowena Cooper, who is Chair of the Municipality’s Heritage Advisory Committee. In short, there is a very professional team at work at the NG Archives this Summer, working to preserve and make available to residents the story of their community. The NG Archives are located in the upper floor of the old Town Hall, now the Court House, at 15 Water Street in Kemptville. Those wishing to visit the Archives during the next two months can ring the doorbell on Water Street and they will be admitted freely to the centre of North Grenville history.


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