The North Grenville Rural Summit 2018


by Jim Bertram,
Councillor, Municipality of North Grenville

Well fellow residents of North Grenville, it’s almost here. Spring is lurking in the background, just waiting for that moment in March (I hope) to lunge forward and answer our hopes. And, along with it this year, will arrive the North Grenville Rural Summit 2018.

Since about 2012, I have wanted to launch a community event to celebrate and underpin developments in North Grenville’s rural area. Our rural districts still contribute three-quarters of our population and a large portion of NG’s economic product. I believe that should be recognised and celebrated in a variety of ways.

As it happens, there are others besides myself who share that dream. In late 2017, Councillor Donovan Arnaud, well-known businessman Jim Beveridge, journalist Deron Johnston, and I formed the organizing committee for this independent project and it has been developing since that time. We have been actively helped and encouraged towards success since inception by Mr. Brian Carré, CAO of our municipality. As well, a large number of people have come forward to contribute their efforts as presenters and advisors in various aspects of agricultural, technical and financial areas. The editor of this very newspaper has generously offered a much appreciated in-kind contribution of publicity to help us get the message out. And we will be canvassing our community for sponsors of what will be the first of a series of successful celebrations of rural North Grenville work and life from this year on over the years to come.

The event takes place on April 7 at Parish Hall on the Kemptville College Campus. Publicity and registration information will be available this week, so watch for it. The day will include a variety of presentations, displays, and a lunch centred on locally grown and prepared foods. Foods grown and prepared by YOUR friends and neighbours. So, plan for a full day of learning, fellowship and fun in celebration of North Grenville’s thriving rural presence.

Come along with us and be surprised. Be impressed. You will discover an amazing world of activity taken from the countryside around us. I hope to see you there!


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